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800x1400mm Single X3 Bench Desk Frame

The Patented X3 Bench Desking range is ideal for call centre and multi personnel office environments, where flexibility and adaptability is an essential requirement. It also comes with a variety of accessories and add-on's, including a kit for sliding tops.

This desk kit includes the full frame and then you can add your choice of top from our range. The frame is made up of:

2 x boxes of 800mm desk side legs (1 pair of legs per box, each measuring 710x120x310mm & weighing 6.2kg) This system is made up of 4 legs in total / 2 (or 1 Pair) needed per side

1 x 1234mm long beam (1 beam per box, each measuring 60x15x1300mm & weighing 2.6kg)

We also offer a range of desk tops to go with these frames. Please use the link at the bottom of the page to browse the range which includes timber or glass options in a variety of finishes.

Special Colours are also available to order, including Matt Finishes, Dupont Shades and Silver/White Ral 9002, popular in hospitals. Other than that, we can match almost any colour subject to certain minimum order requirements.

For more information on these desks please use the technical data tab below.

Silver/Alu Ral 9006 In Stock (D-08020-81400A-009-131)  
Anthracite Ral 7016 (Gloss) In Stock (103801409313)  
White Ral 9003 (Matt) In Stock (103801400313)  
White Ral 9010 (Gloss) Despatched in approx. 5-10 days (D-08020-81400A-092-131)  

** Typically 5-10 days provided no stock issues at factory **

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I would like to know what weight the table frame would take as a table top (the top I will have is 40-50kg)? I would also like to know the weight of the X3 and what attachments are including to secure the table top to the X3 frame.

With regards to how a top would attach, I'd recommend you watch the video that we publish on the site, as this gives you a step by step breakdown as to how the desk goes together. We can't give a weight rating on these, as the only certification is based on strength, rather than weight - so it's been tested in Newtons. However, 50kg won't be a problem as a test has been conducted at the factory, which involved loaded a typical 25mm thick melamine top onto an X3 Desk with 256kg, for 24 hours and this passed with no problems. I haven't published the Newton document on the website as it's too large a file but I'll try and email you a copy of this shortly - if your inbox will allow it to come through. Hope that helps BPF WebSales