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1652x7000mm X73 Bench Desk Frame | Wood Insert | 10 Person

The Patented X73 Desking System is ideal for call centre and multi personnel office environments, where flexibility and adaptability is an essential requirement. It also comes with a variety of accessories and add-on's, including a kit for sliding tops.

The unique design of this bridge leg is trapezoidal in shape, with solid wooden inserts that offer structural strength, adding both style and elegance to your desk frame.

Watch a video tab for an overview but this is a kit to give you a beam desk, minus the top - made up of the following individual components :

1 x Pair of X73 legs, 1652mm | Wood Insert
10 x 1234 connection beams
4 x Pairs of X3 Inverted Desk Side Legs, 800mm
4 x X3 Extension Pieces, Terminal 848

X73 standard desk height - 695mm +/- 1.5mm

Online we only list the standard sizes and configurations for these desks but please bear in mind as this is a modular system it can be used to make pretty much any shape or size. If you can't see the size you need, please donít hesitate to contact us for more information and prices.

Special Colours are also available to order, including Matt Finishes, Dupont Shades and Silver/White Ral 9002, popular in hospitals. Other than that, we can match almost any colour subject to certain minimum order requirements.

*The below information is universal and so applicable variations may apply.

The frame comes with all relevant fittings required, from:

- Blades
- Grub screws
- Fixing plates
- Screws
- D-nuts
- Bolts.
- 1 x Allen key (for the bolts)

Required for assembly (but not included):

- Crosshead/Phillips screwdriver (for screws)
- Allen key set (for grub screws)

All lines with an ĎIn Stockí status indicate that we have 'some' parts in stock, but this isnít a guarantee we can fulfill your complete order. Your delivery ETA or despatch confirmation will follow in a subsequent email. Stock status is correct at time of order but may be subject to change.

Silver/Alu Ral 9006 Made to order More Info (D-08070-16570W-009-131)  
Anthracite Ral 7016 (Gloss) Made to order More Info (D-08070-16570W-093-131)  
White Ral 9003 (Matt) Made to order More Info (D-08070-16570W-003-131)  

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