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KABA 77 Oval Profile Snake, 750mm High

The KABA 77 Oval Profile Snake (750mm high) is a unique, 15 cell/link cable channelling system designed for modern, ergonomic sit stand desks and other height adjustable workstations. The innovative mechanism of this caterpillar track-like cable tidy allows it to roll/unroll in line with height adjustable furniture; making it particularly suitable for use with sit stand desks.

This set includes:

*Either option 1 or 2

- Option 1: 1 x Table Connection for 4 Cables
- Option 2: 1 x Table Connection for 8 Cables
- 1 x Cable Snake | 15 x Chain Links
- 1 x Base Plate | Round

Comprising of three compartments, cables can be inserted from the front or back end of the cable chain, which make it easy to add and remove a larger number of cables, as and when required. The design of this cable chain allows for users to safely and neatly channel power and data cables away from desks and worktops.

The KABA 77 range is a super versatile system for safely channelling electrics within offices. Originally designed specifically with Sit Stand Desking in mind due to a clever design which allows it to flex and extend, it's suitable for countless applications including Offices, Labs, Universities and Schools.

We offer a range of Cable Snakes and Floor Trunking (KUBA) and all the accessories and adapters required, to give you an uninterrupted and seamless distribution of power and data, from source to your worktop neatly and efficiently. Combine this with our LOCK Desk Grommets and you've got an all-in-one cable management system, with aesthetics designed to complement modern working environments.

For more information on how it works, why not watch our short video within the video tab below!

We show standard colours and finishes where possible, but if you require a colour that is not listed in the drop-down, get in touch as it may be available at the factory. Custom colours may also be available on request, subject to MOQ’s and extended lead times.

Black | 8 Cable Connection Special Order Item More Info (C-03010-0021508-001-005)  
Silver | 8 Cable Connection Special Order Item More Info (C-03010-0021508-009-005)  
Natural | 8 Cable Connection Special Order Item More Info (C-03010-0021508-002-005)  
Black | 4 Cable Connection In Stock More Info (C-03010-0040750-001-005)  
Silver | 4 Cable Connection Special Order Item More Info (C-03010-0040750-009-005)  
Natural | 4 Cable Connection Special Order Item More Info (C-03010-0040750-002-005)  

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