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BREAKFAST TOP Pull Out Countertop Extension | Frame Only

BREAKFAST TOP allows for a kitchen worktop / kitchen countertop to be installed on a sliding mechanism which allows the worktop be extended out to create a kitchen table / breakfast bar.

** Please note the minimum width the island / worktop needs to be for any of the BREAKFAST TOP frames can fit is 800mm +.. The frame options are listed by the minimum length required and extension length provided. For more information on the minimum dimensions required please see the dimensional drawing under the "technical data" tab below **

  • Load Rated to 60kg (evenly distributed)
  • Standard frame finish - Natural Anodised Aluminium (Brilliant, on request)
  • Boxed individually and neatly

There are a wide choice of sizes available. This listing is for the standard manual operation system, we also list an electronic, automated version which is operated via remote control.

All these transformables utilise an ingenious frame design and have been developed to maximise space saving in smaller areas, or where a clutter free environment is required. Designed to sit neatly hidden away behind a drawer front, this system simply pulls out and gives you a choice of table widths. All you need to add is the top of your choice and then you have a versatile tabletop, perfect for small kitchens, kitchenettes, laundry rooms, offices, playrooms and children's bedrooms. Recent applications have also included mobile homes and caravans.

All our sliding table top mechanisms have a locking system to ensure that the table will remain in place while fully extended.

For more info inc. a full list of contents check out the technical data tab!

** We recommend you enlist the services of a carpenter or professional kitchen fitter to install this unit, and please ensure they’re aware of the installation overview video that can be found on every product page – the relevant set of installation instructions will always be included in the box with the product but if needed, a copy can normally be found within the Technical Data tab, along with any other useful info. **

The entire range is constantly being developed and although we list the most popular models available, other options and specials can be made available on request, subject to minimum order requirements.

1200mm Long (900mm Extension) Made to order More Info (104120917814)  
1800mm Long (1200mm Extension) Made to order More Info (104181217814)  
2400mm Long (1500mm Extension) Made to order More Info (D-08064-24001500-140)  
3000mm Long (1500mm Extension) Made to order More Info (D-08064-30001500-140)  
1828mm Long (914mm Extension) Made to order More Info (D-08064-1828914-140)  
2428mm Long (1214mm Extension) Made to order More Info (104241217814)  
3028mm Long (1514mm Extension) Made to order More Info (D-08064-30281514-140)  

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Hi The size of my breakfast bar is 2000x900 - would this be suitable? Also is the price for just the brackets/mechanism? If so is there a particular type of worktop that should be placed onto this?

Hello Reenal, The price is just for the mechanism, not the top itself. I dont think there is a certain worktop to put on it but please note the frame has a load rating of 60kg evenly distrubted so heavy worktops like granite may not be suitable for this frame. Not sure if you have seen the dimensional drawing we list on the product page (technical data tab) but this shows the sizes / minimum dimensions required for each option. https://www.box15.co.uk/downloads/breakfast_top_dimensions.png Based on the sizes mentioned above there a few of the options which have minimums below your sizes - looking at it the 1800 (1200mm ext) might be the best option. This needs a minimum of 1800mm length and 800 width and offers a 1200mm extension when out. We have uploaded a new version of the fitting instructions on to the product page (technical data tab) which may explain more. And I also suggest, if you have not seen it already to watch the video showing how it all works. I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks, BOX15

Would any of your systems be suitable for a worktop at 500Wx2000L ?

Hi Ian, I'm afraid as standard all the sliding worktop systems are designed to work on wider worktops, starting at around 800mm as a minimum. Custom frames can be made to order however if one could be made for your work top please note the custom units are subject to higher unit costs and long lead times. Some of the pull out table frames would fit in a 500mm width but not sure if they would be suitable / applicable for your application? If you do have any other questions or wish to discuss a custom unit in more detail please contact us - websales@box15.co.uk / 01295 565001 Kind Regards, BOX15 Sales Team.

Hi 1. Do you have an extension that can carry granite? 2. is there a showroom in London where I can see the product? 3, Do you have a video for the 360 deg swivel?

Hello - 1. Breakfast & breakfast top is 60K (evenly distributed) and so it depends on the weight of the top you are planning to use | 2. I'm afraid not, our only showroom is in Oxfordshire, although this unit is not on display | 3. The only video that we have available for this product can be found in the Video tab. Kind regards, BOX15

Does the countertop lock at various points or only when fully extended? Also, can you ship to Australia?

Hello. No it does not lock at various points, only when fully extended. Yes we can ship to Australia, we ship worldwide via UPS. Kind regards, BOX15