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Anti-Fatigue Mat | 510 x 780 x 16mm

This innovative anti-fatigue mat is made from high density PU foam and is designed to reduce the harmful effects of prolonged standing on hard floors.

As such, these standing mats are perfect for assembly lines / factory workers who are required to stand for extended periods on hard concrete floors. This is because standing mats can help to improve venous return which is achieved by promoting micro-movements in the leg muscles, which are enough to keep workers slightly off balance and subsequently, the user will be constantly adjusting their feet rather than remaining in a completely static position. In addition, when using anti-fatigue mats, these micro-movements engage the circulatory system (or more specifically, the peripheral venous pump) which moves blood to the heart via contraction of muscles in the foot, and the compression of the plantar vein when pressure is applied to the foot.

Anti-fatigue mats are also perfect for use in kitchens and in offices/home office set ups as a standing desk mat (when used with sit stand desks) or height adjustable workstations.

This stylish anti-fatigue mat can also help to improve posture as it allows you to evenly distribute weight across both legs while standing, rather than shifting weight and causing one leg to support more than the other.

This high-density PU foam of this anti-fatigue mat has excellent elasticity and durability, which enables it to collapse under pressure and then spring back into its original shape when the pressure is removed. The durability of the PU foam also offers resistance against wear and tear from shoes and chairs, as well as being water resistant.

Finally, this anti-fatigue mat is finished with an elegantly engraved top which is designed to reduce the risk of slipping, and has a non-skid base to prevent the mat from sliding.

Technical Details:

  • Material: High density PU foam
  • Product Weight: 1.5kg
  • Weight capacity: 150kg
  • Overall size: 20″ x 31″ x 0.63″ (510 x 780 x 16mm)

We list all sizes and finishes available as standard for this anti-fatigue mat. However, if you require an alternative that is not listed, get in touch with the sales team today as custom units may be available on request, subject to minimum order quantities and extended lead times.

Black Dispatches in approx 2-4 weeks* More Info (10520300110)  

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