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LINK Acoustic Filler Inserts - Sonic

Add LINK filler inserts to create closed privacy screens in your office and improve acoustics.  Take your LINK customized space a step above by adding a splash of colour, whilst providing additional privacy and acoustic screening.

Filler plates are made from 'SONIC' which is a designers dream, cut for today's sustainable, productive workplace, where essential goals include dealing with noice effectively and adding to climate-friendly practices.

The felt-like sonstellation of 'SONIC' material, unlike hard materials such as wood or glass, allows it to absorb as many sound waves as possible.

With their rich hues, LINK filler inserts are also ideal for branding in an office setting and have acoustic properties that are advantageous for open-concept workspaces.

Simply slide each insert into the LINK gaps while building your room divider or you can also retro fit by pushing the plates in, if your LINK screen is already set up.  Available in 11 curated colours.

In today's day and age, it apys to be eco-conscious at every turn.  Our LINK filler inserts are made of minimum 60% post-consumer upcycled plastic bottles.  The origin of the PET fibres is certified by an independent institute and we are proud to say that the raw material can be traced down 100%.

We can also produce special colours to compliment company branding, with a typical moq being 756 pieces to get you a match - check with Sales.

Black 2 In Stock More Info (401100210124)  
Blue Pacific Ocean 2 In Stock More Info (401100218724)  
Blue Winter Sky 2 In Stock More Info (401100211324)  
Dusky Pink 2 In Stock More Info (401100217524)  
Grey 2 In Stock More Info (401100210524)  
Moss Green 2 In Stock More Info (401100217224)  
Pine Green 2 In Stock More Info (401100211424)  
Red 2 In Stock More Info (401100211524)  
Warm Stone 2 In Stock More Info (401100211724)  
White 2 In Stock More Info (401100210324)  
Yellow 2 In Stock More Info (401100211224)  

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