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GHOST Concealed Internal Sliding Door System

The internal sliding door system is built into the door itself, making it completely invisible whether the door is closed or open. The mechanism is available in either a wall-mounted or a floor-mounted version.

The supplied kit included everything required to make the sliding system - all you need to do is source / manufacture the door of your choice.

Technical information for the door (not supplied) : Minimum door thickness 40mm / maximum weight capacity 50kg

*For greater weights, floor adjustable wheels must be used to support the door - these Wheel kits are are sold separately - and you can find them as a cross selling item at the bottom of this page. *

The height or material of the door used is not critical providing the aluminium profile is fixed to the door correctly, and the wheel kit is used when over 50kg in weight.  An additional document can be found within the Technical Data tab which shows the clearance, when a typical door of 55mm is used.

Minimum Door Widths:

880mm Slide - 914mm Door Width
980mm Slide - 1014mm Door Width
1080mm Slide - 1114mm Door Width

** If you don’t have enough space or headroom to accomodate the concealed sliding runner system above the door, we offer an alternative "GHOST FLOOR" which allows you to put the slide on the floor, meaning you can use a shorter door - please see the link for GHOST FLOOR below under "customers also viewed" or search for GHOST FLOOR in the search bar above.

700mm Door Opening In Stock More Info (404108807814)  
800mm Door Opening In Stock More Info (404109807814)  
900mm Door Opening Made to order More Info (404110807814) Notify me when in stock  

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Hi. I'm in Australia and want to install 2 ghost sliding doors. I understand the door width. But when I purchase the doors, what depth does the door have to be? And is it best to use a solid or lighter door. Also is it easy to install ? Thank you Helen

Hi Helen, Thanks for the FAQ. The door needs to be a minimum of 40mm in thickness , no maximum offically listed but i suppose going to thick might be too heavy / awkward to work with. With regards to the material I think it’s better to have a lighter door (under 50kgs in weight) as this allows the door to "float" above the floor with no support underneath. Heavier doors can be used but for this you need floor adjustable wheels for the underside (which are sold separatley on request). As with all of our products like this we reccomend they are installed by a professional tradesperson. The box will include full installation instructions and the video on the website shows an overview of the process which should help the person installing. I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions. Many thanks, Christian @ BOX15

Hi, I am writing in again as i have not received any response for my last query. What is the best size to get if my door opening width is 720mm? Thanks, Emily

Hi Emily, I proposed your question to the technical team at the factory: "Regarding your question, the indicated dimension is the suggested one. Your customer can use a 720 mm door opening (A) and a longer door. What is limited is the stroke of the slide that remains 700 mm and a 76 mm dimension that becomes 96. A possibility is to buy the longher one (for an 800 mm door opening) and have your customer cut the Profile at the desired length…" and then they reccomend checking the fitting instruction PDF (technical data tab of product page) and showing that to whoever is installing / supplying the door. I hope that helps. Christian @ BOX15

Hi, Is there a requirement for a particular wall construction to support the 50kg door load?

There are no special wall modification to be done with the 50 kg Door. The only thing to note is for the 50 Kg door, it must be a structural wall. The accessories we include in the standard package are designed for a brick or concrete wall. The system cannot be applied to drywall or similar materials without specific reinforcements. We've added a pdf of the wheel system to the Technical Data tab on the product page, if required.

Re: ghost sliding door system I see technical data sheet oage 3 diagram. Info missing that i need is how from wall this mechanism protrudes. So, what is depth of the upper roller mechanism thats mounted to wall? My door will slide between a concrete slab amd wall so i need to know for clearance/construction.

The reason for not having this information detailed on the instruction sheet is that it is completely up to the individual customer, on how you want to mill or machine the door. Obviously the clearance between door and wall depends on the door thickness and how much you want to mill the door to accommodate the aluminium profile. The factory have prepared an illustration which has just been added to the Technical Data tab, to show a typical scenario where the door thickness is 55mm, with a clearance of 11.6 mm. As you'll hopefully see from the illustration, 48.1 is the nominal dimension of our system. You'll find watching the video we've loaded onto the site will help explain better, in conjunction with this extra info!

Hi, For your ghost sliding door system, is there a soft close feature?

Hello Richard, This is our response from the technical department at the factory: The Ghost has just a couple of dumpers that allows to slow down the door movement when it arrives at the limit of its movement. It is not a complete soft closure system because you have to push the door till the end of the movement. In practice the inertia of the door make it work like a soft closure system. I hope that helps answer your question. Kind Regards, Christian.

Why does the plate have 5 wheels of which 3 middle ones are offset in the vertical direction? What advantage does it have compared to using all 5 in-line?

Hello. It is a design choice that adds stability to the system. Kind regards, BOX15

Hi. Is there enough space for skirting boards behind the sliding door?

Hello. Please see under the 'Technical Data' tab - there is a clearance of 11.6mm and so anything over that would not be suitable. I hope this assists. Kind regards, BOX15

Is there a limit to the weight of the door with the floor guide?

Hello. The wheel kit is used when the door exceeds 50kg in weight. Regarding the load capacity of the wheel kit, the factory have advised: “It depends mainly on the floor material. In our experience with wheels, a weight of 80kg is acceptable”. I hope this assists. Kind regards, BOX15

Hi, Can I have longer guida slide for bigger door opening. my opening is 1.3 m. is it possible?

Hello. We do not have an option to accommodate as standard I'm afraid, the only option would be to have 2 GHOST systems either side of the opening and then have the doors meet in the middle. I hope this assists - BOX15

What is the maximum door height for this mechanism?

Hello. There is no maximum height for the door. The dimensions listed for the door in the ‘Technical Data’ tab are indicated for a standard configuration, but they are not critical. Subsequently, your fitter will be able to recommend a suitable door height for your application. Kind regards, BOX15

Hi, can the sliding door mechanism be installed above skirting or do you've alternative one? Thanks

Hello. It will depend on the depth of the skirting as there is a small amount of leeway but not much. Please see the 'Installation Instructions' under the 'Technical Data' tab for full dimensions/fitting instructions – we always recommend showing these to your fitter who will be able to advise on suitability for your set up. Kind regards, BOX15