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Q-COUCH Modular Seating System

A modular sofa system with some very special qualities - the first thing that stands out is it's organic and light-hearted appearance. In order not to limit your creativity, this couch can be "Q-ued" in varying lengths and any colour combination you want.

The sections are pressed into each other - no screws or adhesives required.

The Q-couch element is available in black or white as standard - other colours can be made on request - subject to minimum order quantities and longer lead times.

Q-Couch is installed and reconfigured in minutes by just one person. Change as you need them.Today you need a set of 1-seaters, tomorrow a long couch to fit all your guest in a row?
No problem, you can arrange and re-arrange the Q-Couch within seconds as you need it.

Q- Couch is made with 100% recyclable and emission free Expanded Polypropylene, It is allergy friendly, toxin-free, emission-free, high versatile and has an excellent strength to weight ratio. The material is waterproof and resistant to chemicals and, because it is 95 percent air, extremely lightweight.

Mix and match
All units are compatible.


Colour: Black, White
Design: FEEK
Mounting: just stack the slices/cells together
Material: EPP
height: 800 mm
seat height: 430 mm
depth: 980 mm
width per indiviudal slice/cell when connected : 120mm
width per individual slice/cell when not connect : 180mm
Example: total width of 4 connected slices or cells : 540mm (3x120mm) + (1x180mm)

For a better illustration of how the slices/cells connect, simply view the drawing within the Technical Data tab

Black Dispatches in approx 2-4 weeks* More Info (401100300124)  
White Dispatches in approx 2-4 weeks* More Info (401100300324)  

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What is the width of 1 unit? lead time for different colours?and how do they connect together? Thanks

One unit, or cell is 120mm wide when it's assembled in a run, or on it's own, each individual cell is 180mm wide. You lose 60mm off that cell when assembled in a run because 60mm of each cell (or slice), is effectively a tongue which sits within the next cell. I've just added a dimensional drawing onto the Technical Data tab, which illustrates better how the units slot in together.