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1600x1400mm X3 Back to Back Bench Desk Frame (2 Person)

The Patented X3 Bench Desking System is ideal for call centre and multi personnel office environments, where flexibility and adaptability is an essential requirement. It's clean lines and modular design compliment perfectly, the modern working environment and it also comes with a variety of accessories and add-on's, including a kit for sliding tops.

Multiple custom configurations can be achieved with our back to back (or double sided) desk frames, making it ideal for any room size or layout. As well as the standard 1200 and 1600mm deep workstations, you'll see the option to buy a slightly larger 1252 or 1652mm frame, for when you want to accommodate our versatile screen toolbar system, designed specifically for this desk.

You'll be buying the frame only but listed below in our cross-selling options, you should find a matching top, or if you prefer to see your desk built and displayed on the screen, then why not give our desk build configurator a go, you'll find the link to this just to the left.

Included with this particular kit :

2 x boxes of 800mm desk side legs (1 pair of legs per box, each measuring 710x120x310mm & weighing 6.2kg) This system is made up of 4 legs in total / 2 (or 1 Pair) needed per side

2 x 1234mm long beam (Supplied in 2 boxes measuring 60x15x1300mm & weighing 2.6kg each)

2 x boxes of 848mm Extension Unit (Supplied in 2 boxes measuring 500x70x900mm & weighing 6.2kg each)

2 x boxes of 796mm Extension Unit (Supplied in 2 boxes measuring 500x70x900mm & weighing 6.2kg each)

Standard Colours are Silver/Alu RAl 9006 or White Ral 9003

We also offer a range of desk tops to go with these frames. Please use the link at the bottom of the page to browse the range which includes timber or glass options in a variety of finishes.

Special Colours are also available to order, including Matt Finishes, Dupont Shades and Silver/White Ral 9002, popular in hospitals. Other than that, we can match almost any colour subject to certain minimum order requirements.

*The below information is universal and so applicable variations may apply.

The frame comes with all relevant fittings required, from:
- Blades
- Grub screws
- Fixing plates
- Screws
- D-nuts
- Bolts
- 1 x Allen key (for the bolts)

Required for assembly (but not included):
- Crosshead/Phillips screwdriver (for screws)
- Allen key set (for grub screws)

Ultimately, a crosshead/Phillips screwdriver and an Allen key set will allow you to install a complete desk when purchasing a frame and top from us.

All lines with an ‘In Stock’ status indicate that we have 'some' parts in stock, but this isn’t a guarantee we can fulfil your complete order. Your delivery ETA or despatch confirmation will follow in a subsequent email. Stock status is correct at time of order but may be subject to change.

For more information on these desks please use the technical data tab below.

Silver / Gap for Screen In Stock More Info (D-08020-16514-009-131)  
Black / Gap for Screen Made to order More Info (103161410113)  
Black / No Gap for Screen Made to order More Info (103161400113)  
Grey / Gap for Screen In Stock More Info (103161419313)  
Grey / No Gap for Screen Made to order More Info (103161409313)  
Silver / No Gap for Screen In Stock More Info (D-08020-16014-009-131)  
White / Gap for Screen In Stock More Info (103161400313)  
White / No Gap for Screen In Stock More Info (D-08020-16014-003-131)  

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hello we are enquiring regarding the K3 bench desk frame system. can you advise on fixing details and desk top sizing for frames.

We do have a video published on the desking section of our website which gives a general overview of how the system goes together, but if you need any more info then I can always try and get some extra images over to you via email. We actually only offer the frames though, leaving it up to customers what sort of top they want to use on the frames. Regards The BPF Sales Team