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Automatic Pop Up Socket | 2 Gang | Black body

Automatic Pop Up Socket | 2 Gang | Black body

This 2 gang socket is the perfect automatic pop up socket for kitchen worktops, office desks and meeting tables.

We offer this particular unit with a black body as standard; and so all you need to do is choose a coloured top plate of your choice.

Fitting an industry standard 80mm opening, this self raising automatic pop up socket has a built-in spring-loaded pop-up mechanism; offering effortless style and elegance to any table, desk and counter/work top surface - all without added cable and wiring clutter.

The top of this Automatic Pop Up Socket naturally sits with a 2.9mm protrusion from the worktop surface. However, it can be flush fit with the worktop surface by rebating the cut out. Please see Dimensional Drawing & Flush Fit Details of the technical data.

Pop up socket | Key features:

2 x Universal Socket

Pop up socket | Specifications:

Installation opening: 80 + 0,5mm
Dimension: 85 x 85mm
Required Depth (under worktop): 162 mm
Cable length: 2000 mm
Table thickness: Maximum 45mm
Height (from surface, when extracted): 95mm

As standard, this 2 gang automatic pop up plug socket is manufactured from Aluminium and Plastic.

Please note: we supply these units with universal sockets as standard. The images showing European sockets are primarily for showing the application in use. The full list of compatible plugs that work with this socket can be found here :

1. Tip A 2 pins (tested): USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan;
2. Tip B 3 pins (tested): USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan;
3. Tip C 2 pins (tested): Europe, South America, Asia;
4. Tip E i F 2 pins (tested): Europe, Russia;
5. Tip G 3 pins (tested): UK, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore;
6. Tip H 3 pins (not tested): Israel, Palestina, Gaza;
7. Tip I 2 i 3 pins (not tested): Australia, New Zealand, China, Argentina;
8. Tip K 3 pins (not tested): Denmark, Greenland

As with most of our products, variations and specials may be available subject to MOQs and longer lead times.

White Top Made to order More Info (206200010320)  
Black Top Made to order More Info (206200010120)  
Blue Top Made to order More Info (206200011320)  
Green Top Made to order More Info (206200011420)  
Orange Top Made to order More Info (206200015920)  
Purple Top Made to order More Info (206200015820)  
Red Top Made to order More Info (206200011520)  
Stainless Steel Top Made to order More Info (206200017420)  

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