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Kitchen design tips for a home hub you’ll love to spend time in

In this blog, we’ll be sharing with you some more kitchen design tips and secrets to help you create a...
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Avoid expensive mistakes: 6 things to think about before designing your kitchen

Designing a kitchen can be a daunting task. So much to think about and even the smallest mistakes can be...
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Revolutionise your mobile working with just one charger for everything

The Omni 20+ Power bank is widely recognised as one of the best power banks available. It’s portable and lightweight...
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The best way to divide your office space

Choosing how to divide your office space can be difficult. Around 20 years ago, open plan offices were all the...
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Keeping your desks and tabletops in tip top condition

Choosing a desk or tabletop at Box 15 is easy. We’ve designed the process to make it as easy as...
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Thinking of extending your worktop space? Here’s the biggest decision you’ll need to make

Small kitchens. They’re fine most of the time, but occasionally – like Christmas, or Easter or even that family Sunday...
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The Science of Workspaces: Understanding the Psychology of Office Design

The office isn’t simply a place to work. It’s a place where people go to be creative, to be a...
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5 Questions customers ask when looking for an office desk

We like to make buying office desks and other office furniture as easy as possible for our customers. We do...
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The Future of Office Design: Embracing Flexibility and Agility with Modular Furniture

We live in a dynamic and unsettled world of modern business. In this changeable world, the design and layout of...
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4 Reasons our V-Frame Inset Power Sockets are selling fast

With so many devices, each needing different plugs and adapters, it can be hard to work out the best way...
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