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1200mm Wide X3 Bench Desk Frame (2 Person)


X3 is incredibly versatile thanks to a modular design, allowing it to be used as a single desk, or as a multi-person back to back bench.  Click the video tab to see how the system could work for you.  We've listed the most common configurations but you can often utilise differenct combinations, to achieve the same result - so you may be able to get the footprint workstation required, with a different variety of components!

X3 comes with a variety of accessories and add-on's, including a kit for sliding tops and height adjustable legs.  To keep the Back to Back range as versatile as possible, we use a Mecanno (2-piece) leg so this is a split leg design meaning 1 pair gives you 1 side of a desk - and then you simply insert different size extensions to create your desired footprint, accommodating endless users & possibilities.  

With recent industry changes to recommended working height, we've now got a new leg which we've referred to as '722' (or 'EVO') and these respect the latest worktop height guidelines (BS EN 527-1: 2011)

Whilst re-designing the new legs, we've taken the opportunity to update the method of top fixation as the way the original '695' leg connected, could cause potential hinderance with cable management and under desk networking, so if you intend to future proof yourself by going for the new 722mm leg - then it will differ slightly from the video, with a new more compact top fixation method and smaller beam.  Within the Technical Data tab, you'll find a document titled 'New EVO Leg - 722m High, which explains better and there's images in the gallery below.

Included components :

2x Pairs of Terminal Legs (1 Pair per side of a Desk)

2x Extensions

2x 1034mm long Black beams (not visible under desktop, so will generally send Black)

The plan is to ultimately phase out the old 695mm high leg but we intend to do this over a period of time, so can still assist if you're trying to match up with desking used on earlier phases.  We've gone into detail on the improvements below, plus images can be found within the photo gallery and within the Technical Data tab.

1) Fixation : We've made the fixing to the top more efficient so now instead of having a big metal plate coming off the leg, that can foul cable passaging and electrics, we've just used a small plastic spacer, that sits within the confines of the leg itself.  The top is then fixed throgh that spacer as per the image you'll find within the Technical Data tab.  Assembly is quicker also, as instead of having 2 screws to fix, there is only 1.  The gap between top and leg will remain 6 mm meaning visually there should be no difference.  The old metal plates are still used but only with intermediate legs on benches.

2) Height : In line with new regulations (BS EN 527-1:2011), we've designed the new X3 'EVO' Leg to respect these updated guidelines and this new leg is 722mm from under the top, as opposed to the old X3 leg which is 695mm from under top.  The leg still retains a tolerance of 20mm, meaning our 'EVO' leg accommodates 720 to 760mm.  The old leg still complies but you need to use a minimum 25mm thick top to reach 720mm (695 + 25mm)

3) Beam : to keep the system competetive the beam size has been reduced from 60x15 to 45x15 beam, enabling us to retain a competetive edge.

4) Foot : We changed the plastic foot from the chunky Grey one, to a nicer more streamlined Black foot, that is a much slimmer profile so therefore less visible.

Other general information

We also offer a range of desk tops to go with these frames. Please use the link at the bottom of the page to browse the range which includes timber or glass options in a variety of finishes.

Special Colours are also available to order, including Matt Finishes, Dupont Shades and Silver/White Ral 9002, popular in hospitals. Other than that, we can match almost any colour subject to certain minimum order requirements.

*The below information is universal and so applicable variations may apply.

The frame comes with all relevant fittings required, from:
- Blades
- Grub screws
- Fixing plates
- Screws
- D-nuts
- Bolts
- 1 x Allen key (for the bolts)

Required for assembly (but not included):
- Crosshead/Phillips screwdriver (for screws)
- Allen key set (for grub screws)

Ultimately, a crosshead/Phillips screwdriver and an Allen key set will allow you to install a complete desk when purchasing a frame and top from us.

For more information on these desks please use the technical data tab below.

1. Select required frame depth (between operators)

2. Frame Height (722mm conforms to BS EN 527-1: 2011)

3. Select required colour / finish
Black Ral 9005
Grey Ral 7016
Silver Ral 9006
White Ral 9003

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