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Set of 4 Replacement Nylon Wheel Castors

We used to supply our Flip Top frames with a Hard Wheel (Nylon) Castor, suited to carpeted and office areas - before we standardised on the more versatile Soft Wheel (Rubber) Castors.  The hard plastic wasn't particularly effecitve for more robust use, such as on hard floor or in schools etc. This listing is for a Pack of 4 of these Nylon Castors, just in case you have a light traffic area or maybe have the old frame and want to replace like for like!

We'd recommend you consider changing to a set of Soft Wheel Castors, if you've previously had issues with these breaking on your particular application. You can also use these as spares but we can only offer you an assurance these will work with our K10 or X10 Frames, although it's possible that they will work with other models on the market.

Needless to say, if you find yourself having to replace castors regularly, then you may be better off buying the frame with soft wheel castors from the outset. There's an option to buy both wheel types so we'd recommend the Soft Wheel option, particularly with hard floors because as well as the soft tyres being more forgiving, the brake is also more robust!

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