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'Surf' M/F Metal Table Connector

An adaptation of the original CLICK CATCH design, which provides a functional means of connecting tables and chairs, 'SURF' is patented and designed to be 'on show' and to compliment modern furniture designs.

This product combines cutting edge design with improved functionality, as not only does 'SURF' connect and hold the table leaves like the CLICK CATCH system, but it also pulls the table leaves together.

Simply mounts under the table top to connect tables by sliding the ellipse into the female part. When connected, you lock and tighten the assembly by closing the black plastic locking cap.

When not in use, the ellipse is easily swivelled back under the table top, where it remains invisible and of no obstruction to knees! The female part, when not in use, works like a spacer for safe stacking of additional table leaves.

Drilling & Fixings (not supplied) would be required, for safe and secure installation!

We only show a limited number of premium connection systems on Box15, as we feel this best compliments our furniture range - but our sister company BPF have a more extensive range, including more economical options - click the link underneath the pricing table, if you want to see these.

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Hi there. Would two of these be strong enough to support a small table extension approx 600x 900mm? many thanks

At the end of the day these were primarily designed as linking or connection pieces, rather than load bearing brackets but it depends on the thickness of the table extension you're trying to put on of course - but we sell lots of these and all I can say is we've never come across any failing on application. In fact this one you've picked out here is solid metal (zamak alloy) because there's also an economical plastic version which to be fair is still pretty strong. At the end of the day, they're a stock part so if you get them there and you're worried or something else crops up into the equation that hadn't been factored in, then there's no problem returning them for a refund. Sorry I can't be any more help with load ratings etc. but hopefully that instills some confiedence in the product and of course there's nothing to stop you adding extra pieces if you thought the application needed it. BPF WebSales

do you have a drawing for this that you could send to me? or could you confirm the dimensions?

We've just uploaded a new dimensional drawing to the product page for this product. So if you care to look again, you should find this in the 'Technical Data' tab, that now gives you all the additional info you were hoping for. We've also got a plastic version of the same thing, which also has a dimensional drawing published against it - just in case you hadn't picked up on the other option? Hope that helps! BPF WebSales