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1000-1700mm Extendable Sit-Stand Frame

This height adjustable desk frame has an ergonomic design that allows users to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. 

Using an electronically operated mechanism, this sit stand desk frame provides a smooth and effortless height adjustment from 620 – 1280mm which allows you to set your optimal working height with ease. The frame also has a telescopic cross section with a width ranging from 1000 – 1700mm, allowing for a desktop width of 1100 – 2200mm & depth of 700-1000mm.

Electronic Height Adjustment

The height adjustment is operated electronically using the handset provided. This handset has ‘up’ and ‘down’ function keys, allowing you to easily adjust the tabletop to your preferred height.

The handset also has 3 memory keys which allow you to find and save up to 3 different heights. Once you’ve saved your desired height, you can then simply press the numbered key and the desk will automatically adjust to the saved position.

To operate the height pre-sets; when the desk reaches your desired height, touch button “M” then “1” or “2” or “3” to set. For example, “1” for your reading position, “2” for writing position, and “3” for your standing position. When you want to change from reading position to standing, simply press “3”.

Anti-Collision Detection

The height adjustable mechanism of this sit stand desk also features super sensitive, dual-sensor anti-collision detection; preventing the risk of injury and physical damages by the rising/lowering desktop and frame.

There are two sensors: one for electric current and one gyro for levelness, and there are 3 sensitivity parameters (upward, downward, and levelness /gyro), each with 9 level settings. Effectively you can have 27 different anti-collision sensitivity settings.

Sit-Stand Timer

The remote control/display of this comprehensive sit stand desk frame also features a useful timer, which has been included to help users break up long periods of sitting/standing.

To operate this feature, simple press button “T” on the keypad which will set a count-down timer of 30 minutes or its multiples (up to 4 times, i.e. 2 hours). Once the time is up, it will alert you to change position.

Sit-Stand Desks | Health Benefits

It is recommended that you take a short breaks from sitting throughout the day, as sitting in the same position for prolonged periods of time can be bad for your health.

Sit stand desks, however, allow you to vary your position throughout the day and alternate between sitting and standing, which can also help to prevent and alleviate neck and lower back pain.

Studies have also shown that utilizing the sit-stand feature and alternating between sitting and standing can even improve circulation, concentration, productivity and creativity.

Key Features :

  • Dual motor powerful lift
  • Telescopic frame width range 1000-1700mm
  • For desk tops: 1100–2200mm wide & 700-1000mm deep
  • Height range: 620-1280mm
  • Load/Lifting capacity: 125kg
  • Telescopic column segments: 3
  • Reverse column design: increased stability & dust proof
  • Digital controller: With 3 Programmable height memory pre-sets
  • Sit / stand time reminder
  • Super-sensitive anti-collision with both electric and gyro sensors
  • Cleaner appearance, all screws/bolts are hidden
  • Pedestal friendly, more space available under the desk
  • Quick & easy assembly
  • Self tapping top screws: Included

We list the options and colours available as standard. However, if you require a finish that is not listed, get in touch with the sales team today as custom units may be available on request, subject to minimum order quantities and extended lead times.

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