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LINK Modular Partition System

LINK is a freestanding, modular partitioning / room divider system, which features units that link together to create a free-standing partition / room divider for different interior settings.

Quick to construct and quick to modify; LINK is unique and diverse in its capabilities to modify its design as many times as the end user chooses. Due to the flexibility of the system it works as a portable partition.

Units can be arranged to form curved or straight walls and are 100% recyclable, emission free, toxic free and allergy friendly.

LINK is easy to install. No instructions, tools or expertise are required, 1 person can build it quickly and it can be built at 90 degrees - or to a curved design, depending on your creative preference!

Reduce your costs and save resources: No waste is created

A flexible and durable system, LINK works in the following environments:

Office: reception, break out, informal meeting areas, pods, Office Cubicles, room divider, room separators
events and exhibitions: booths, shrouding walkways, creating temporary press or cafe areas.
Retail: shop displays, wall cladding, back drops, DIY room divider, movable partitions

Material: ARPRO EPP (Expanded Polypropylene): a lightweight high performance plastic foam which is 100% recyclable, emission free, hypoallergenic, shock absorbing, extremely lightweight and therefore very easy to handle.

Size per unit: W 288mm x H 216hmm x D 120mm d (H 200mm when linked).
15 pcs of LINK are required to build a 1 square meter wall.

Weight: 200g /per unit

We can also produce special colours to compliment company branding, with a typical moq being 756 pieces to get you a match - check with Sales.

Black Dispatches in approx 2-4 weeks* More Info (401100200124)  
Green 14 In Stock More Info (401100201424) 15% OFF Clearance
White Dispatches in approx 2-4 weeks* More Info (401100200224)  

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Hi, are you products suitable for spraying with plasticote?

Hi Lesley, This is what the factory said: I do not know “plasticote” and if that specific paint will work on EPP. Generally, painting EPP is possible. The thing is with EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) that the material is resistant to chemicals(which is actually good thing, but not in terms of painting it.). There is a special paint available (to be sprayed in two layers: foundation and colour) which was developed for spraying EPP (its’ rersilient and does’t chip of like other paitn). We would suggest buying one unit you could test the painting on (however please be aware we would not be able to accept this as a return for a refund if painted) I hope that helps answer your questions. Kind Regards, BOX15 Web Team

Can someone please send me a quote...it is a very rough quote at the moment. I am interested in the LINK modular partition system to close of a part of the office we no longer use and we want to hide the desks there. Floor to ceiling is around 3300mm, The width of the room is around 14000mm. I am not looking for anything spectacular but also dont want something cheap looking...could you give me a couple of quotes? Thanks

The way LINK works is that you need approximately 15 Pieces of LINK to build a 1-Metre Square Wall. So if we work on the basis that you have a 3.3 Metre high ceiling and 14 Metres across and you want floor to ceiling coverage (which you might ultimately decide you can reduce down to just above eye level to reduce cost), then as it stands, you will need enough LINK to cover 46.2 Square Metres, which I work out as being 693 LINK cells (46.2 x 15). We have emailed a Quote through to you for this, hope all ok!

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